Xiaomi Unveils A “Smart” Sweeper Robot

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Although Xiaomi is mostly known for its value smartphones, the company has been manufacturing a lot more than that. Its product line-up include TVs, “smart” rice cookers, electric bikes, and “smart” water purifier. Considering this, its latest product, Rockrobo shouldn’t raise many eyebrows. The robotic vacuum cleaner is similar to the robotic floor sweepers Philips have been making for years.

Xiaomi rockrobo cleaner

According to Xiaomi, its vacuum cleaner offers higher capacity suction motor when compared to the other products in its price range. Thanks to the relatively higher pressure, the Rockrobo can not only sweep the floor, but can also remove dust from your carpet. Once deployed, the device can clean the room on its own. Moving on its rubber wheels, the bot uses its laser guidance sensors to navigate in the room. Don’t worry about it bumping into the furniture, as the onboard ultrasonic radar knows how to find a way around things.

Xiaomi rockrobo laser guidance

The robots 5200 mAh battery is rated to last for over two hours. Once its battery falls below 80 percent, the Rockrobo returns to its charging station for a power nap.

Xiaomi bot charging station

Xiaomi’s Rockrobo will be launching in China on 6th of September. It is priced at 1699 yuans, which roughly translates to Rs 17,000. As of this writing, there’s no word on its International launch.

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