Wildcraft Launches Handy GPS Tracker For Trekkers

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Bangalore-based outdoor gear maker, Wildcraft has unveiled a launched a GPS tracking device called SPOT. Targeted at the adventurous types, the SPOT can help you keep track of buddies on a trek.

It comes with an induction charger, silicon wrist strap, and a clip holder. You can wear it like a fitness band or clip it to a backpack. The wearer’s position can be located via a smartphone app. The device makes use of LBS (Location Based Service) where cellular network is available. Yes, it requires a SIM card which enables the upload and recording of location data in real time. Accuracy of up t 10 metres is achieved with its dedicated GPS (Global Positioning System).

Wildcraft SPOT GPS Tracker

The Wildcraft SPOT features an SOS button that lets a user notify others in case of emergency. The Safety Zone feature allows the user to determine a safety perimeter of up to 2 kms. If the device moves out of this Safety Zone, a notification will be sent to the pre-set contact numbers. What’s more, you can also make a call in a desperate situation.

The gadget is pegged at Rs 6000, and can bought from Wildcraft’s official website. As mentioned earlier, it can prove to be an essential gadget for adventure trips. You never know if somebody might use it to keep an eye on his/her spouse.

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