How To: Use A Fancy New Font On WhatsApp

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We all have heard that change is the only constant, however that seemed like a distant dream for the boring WhatsApp font. At least people in my circle were bored of chatting on WhatsApp and seeing the same font since eternity. Thankfully, WhatsApp has finally realised that it’s high time and they need to provide font options to millions of user.

The feature has been currently made available to Android users. The feature is also available on the iOS app. However, the user cannot use the font change options with other formatting options like bold or italics.

Before you get all excited about the new font, let me warn you it’s really going to be tiresome task, even to type a ‘Hello’. For using a fancy font, you will have to put backquote symbol (`) three times before and after the text they want to send using the new font.

WhatsApp new font

Lately, WhatsApp has added quite a few features to the app. Just back in June, message quote feature was rolled out.

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