Transcend Launches A Thumb Drive For The iPhone

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The Taiwanese memory and storage product maker Transcend has built a pen drive that works directly with the iPhone and iPad. Dubbed as the JetDrive Go 300 flash drive, is Apple MFi certified for full compatibility.

In addition to to a ‘Lightning’ connector, the JetDrive Go 300 comes with a full sized USB 3 port. You can hook it up to your iPhone and transfer data using the bundled app JetDrive Go app which includes an integrated file management system. You can copy or backup, music, movies, photos, and even documents directly to the flash drive. All this without having to find the USB cable or turn your computer on.

Keeping in-line with Apple’s design language, the JetDrive Go 300 comes with a sleek metal body. The device comes in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB variants with price starting from Rs 4200.

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