Top TVs Under Rs 20,000 (July, 2016)

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Rs 20,000 are enough to buy you a good 32-inch television set. Here are the options:

LG 32″ LCD (LED backlight) LF550A
Price: Rs 19,300
This TV from LG features an IPS LCD (In Pane Switching) panel. Compared to regular LCDs, these panels offer richer colours and wider view angles. It has two HDMI ports, so need to juggle the cable between the set top box and Xbox One. There’s one USB port for media playback. Although a TV’s design is never a priority, we must accept that LG’s all-metal body is sexy. The only stupid thing here is the placement of ports and connectors. Instead of sides, some “smart” engineers have put these things on TV’s back.

Panasonic LCD (LED backlight) 32A301DX
Price: Rs 19,500
Panasonic is one of those companies that make great products, and totally suck at marketing. Although not many will have it on their wish list, the Panasonic 32A301DX offers a very good HD LCD screen. Compared to other brands, backlighting in Pansonic’s panel is quite uniform. The TV set has two HDMI ports and a USB port. It comes with a year’s warranty from the manufacturer. Before making a purchase, do check the availability of service centres in your area.

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