Top TVs Under Rs 10,000 (July, 2016)

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If you are looking for a secondary TV (for bedroom), you have landed on the right page. Since you have already spent a lot of money on a nice big panel for the living room, let us not spend much here. This however, does not mean that you will have to settle for trashy Micromax or Intex screen. No Sir, not when I’m around.

Panasonic 19″ LCD (LED backlight) TH-19C400DX
Price: Rs 8800
No nonsense TV from the Japanese brand Panasonic. The 19″ screen has pixel dimensions of 1366×768. It is an LCD panel with LED backlight. The on-board USB port enables you to play media via pen drive. For quality input, it has HDMI in. Thanks to a VGA port, you can also use it as a PC monitor. The TV comes with a year’s warranty from Panasonic. What more can you ask for Rs 8800.


LG 20″ LCD (LED backlight) 20LB452A
Price: Rs 9800
Despite its affordable price, this TV is quite sturdy. The 20-inch screen has 1366×768 resolution. It is one of the cheapest IPS (In Pane Switching) display you can get from a reputable brand. This TV set offers slightly wider view angles than the competing screen from Panasonic. The TV has an HDMI and USB port as well other standard connectivity options. The only gripe here is that the ports and connectors are difficult to reach if you wall mount the TV.


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