Taurus Scrambler: From Russia With Off-Roading Love

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While Royal Enfield is busy producing ‘Made like a gun, goes like a bullet’ sort of bikes . Our Russian friends have developed a mini tank like scrambler named ‘Taurus’. It is essentially a super light weight adventure bike with two wheel drive system. The two wheel drive system is a rare sight in the motorcycle world, but that’s what enables this tiny machine to tackle all the mud, slush, and water logged areas with ease. Its heart is powered by Honda’s 200cc 7bhp industrial engine. So as far as maintenance goes, the machine is cost effective.


The design looks like a rip off of the Rokon trailbreaker built by the Americans, which has been in production since 1960. The Russian however decided to go for a rigid frame unlike the front suspension seen on the Rokon Trailbreaker. There are two variants currently under development namely ‘Taurus 2’ and ‘Taurus 2m’ with the latter having a powerful 4 stroke motor. The Taurus 2 gets skinnier tyres with gross weight of around 45-50 kgs. The powerful Taurus 2m comes with big 220 section offroad tyres that are a bit on the heavier side rated at around 70-75 kgs. However, this shouldn’t be a concern as these bikes can still be lifted, dragged, or pulled away.


While they differ in the engine configuration and tyre specs, key features such as the 2 wheel drive system, disc brakes, and a three speed transmission remain the same. A top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) is said to be achievable. Both bikes are ‘foldable’ and can be easily disassembled and fit into two specially made bags for easy storage and transportation. Should fit into the smallest of cars.

While the bike is still in its concept stage, it is expected to hit the production line soon. The company is also optimistic about exporting it after the Russian launch. The bikes will be made available as DIY (Do It Yourself) kits with a starting price of 35,000 Russian rubles, which translates to Rs 35,600. Yes, Indian and Russian currencies are almost the same. Farmers, fishermen, army, and offroading enthusiast’s would love to own this bike. Other than its offroading capability, it can also carry another Taurus or other goods on its luggage rack at the front and rear.


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