Samsung Galaxy S8: What To Expect

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2016 has been the year of South Korean handset maker. The year started with a bang for the brand when it came out with an improved variant of its last year’s flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The all new Galaxy S7 Edge brought back the expandable memory card and curved rear panel just like Note 5, which left users spellbound around the world. Buoyed by the success of its latest flagship handset, Samsung felt confident enough to take Apple heads on and steal the thunder. The Galaxy Note 7 literally blew up in the face of brand and resulted in the biggest loss faced by Samsung ever. This has put Samsung on a pedestal and Samsung is looking for a move to make a comeback and regain trust of the mobile phones market. Trade pundits are claiming that the next flagship will be the way to do so for South Korean handset maker. Here is a roundup of all that is known about the up and coming flagship from the South Korean brand.

Early 2017 will see the launch of new flagship
It is a known fact that the best way to do damage control is to do it as early as possible and Samsung seems to be sticking to it. It is being speculated that the upcoming flagship from the brand will see an early launch next year. While Samsung tried to get things under control by offering Galaxy S7 in exchange for the Galaxy Note 7, it did not sit well with those who had already got the phablet and liked it. If the speculations are to be believed, Samsung will launch the new Galaxy S8 as early as February 2017 at Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona from 27 February – 2 March 2017.  This way Samsung will be able to start the new year with something radical and hog the spotlight before any other brand.


No more following Apple’s two flagship a year
The major flaw with the strategy of launching Galaxy Note 7 ahead of Apple iPhone 7 was the poor execution and R&D by the brand. So focused was the brand on pushing out more handsets that it sort of compromised on the testing front. However, now the brand seems to have learned its lesson and speculations are strong that next year, it will come out with only one flagship device. This will allow the brand to focus completely on launching one smartphone with due diligence and take the world with awe. Launching a single flagship also leaves very little scope for any kind of fault or flaw.

The design of Galaxy S8 will be its most surprising element
With Galaxy S6 and every flagship that followed, Samsung was finally able to break free from the curse of plastic build and peeling chrome facade. Gone were the flimsy plastic black panels and ugly rims on the sides, these new flagships came with stunning glass and metal unibody avatar. However, with the recent fiasco, Samsung might have to pull off something unbelievable to take some heat off its back. And if rumours are to be believed, Samsung might just pull something like that off. Going by the widespread Chinese whispers, Samsung might launch the Galaxy S8 with bezel-less display that will have front camera, mic, sensors and fingerprint scanner built right into the display. This is something that we all are looking forward to and see how Samsung executes it.

Dual camera will steal the show for Samsung next year
Apple stole the show this year with iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera module and much lauded portrait mode that was added with iOS 10.1 update. However, the fact remains that when it comes to details, brightness, accurate color reproduction and blinking fast focus, the 12 Megapixels snapper on the Galaxy S7 steals the show. Therefore, it is to be expected that the brand will repeat the same module on the upcoming Galaxy S8 as well. However, going by the rumour mill, Samsung is at it again to outbid Apple and will launch the Galaxy S8 with not one but two of those brilliant 12 Megapixels snapper on the rear panel. If this is true, Samsung just might have the best camera smartphone in making for next year.


The spec sheet will be impressive as usual
Speaking of Samsung flagships, you can be rest assured that performance offered by these devices would be the best in the market and we do not see any reason why Samsung Galaxy S8 would be any different. It is to be expected that the Galaxy S8 would come with 4 GB of RAM accompanying the latest Snapdragon processor at the time for US market and latest Exynos from Samsung for Asian markets.  Having suffered a major setback in form of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will be making sure that the upcoming flagship would be miles ahead of the competition in terms of performance.

This is all the information that is available on the Galaxy S8 as of now and should all be taken with a hint of salt. Some of the rumours regarding Galaxy S8 are too far-fetched and should not disappoint anyone if they do not make it to the final product. But, one thing is for certain, which is Samsung will definitely be pulling all tricks to make sure that Galaxy S8 wipes the memory of Galaxy Note 7 from public’s mind.

Sanjeev Kumar