Prisma Sucks Harder Than Instagram

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For years scientists and engineers worked hard to fine tune the cameras to produce accurate colours and sharper images. However, in 2010 Instagram took the photography in the reverse direction. The hisper app introduced repulsive colours and grainy filters that would make destroy the quality of any image in seconds. Because the world is full of morons, like all terrible things, Instagram became popular.

Just when sane people were getting used to ignoring such outrageous things, one app developer played a cruel joke on them by unveiling Prisma. This photo manipulation app is so horrendous that it makes Instagram normal. With the tagline “Modern art filters!”, Prisma can turn any good image into a mosaic shit show. Thanks to my Facebook friends, I have to bear with such nauseating images everyday.


The only good thing is that I don’t even have to blur their faces before putting up on the Internet.

Not only the app is bad, the “modern art” as it promises to replicate has been going down the drain for years. Compared to the renaissance period, the contemporary art has gone to dogs, and nobody explains it better than this guy:

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