Pokemon Popularity Surpasses Twitter In The US

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An augmented reality video game based on some repulsive Japanese media franchise has surpassed Twitter’s userbase in America. According to TheGuardian, Pokemon Go, despite its limited release has over 65 million players.

In order to play Pokemon, you have to leave the home and wander streets to capture weird virtual animals. Using your phone’s camera these animated characters appear in the real world around you. Of course, only when looking through your smartphone screen. For those not in the know, Pokemon universe is all about the “trainers” who take some animals as slaves. These captured animals are then used in fighting competition. Much like cockfighting, but in virtual space.

Pokemon Go Android

The app is free. However, incompetent players can make in app purchases to lure Pokemon creatures. The games has been such a huge success that its global release has been put on hold due to the lack of infrastructure to cope with the demand. Nintendo, the Japanese company that owns 32 percent of Pokemon company has seen insane surge in its shares pricing. The company behind Mario, is also considering to launch a $35 Pokemon Go Plus gaming device.

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