Pokemon Go Players Nab Burglars In UK

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Kids who play video games often get panned by parents. The biggest argument revolves around doing something good rather than wasting time in the virtual world. However, in a recent turn of events, a few gamers did things that even cops are proud of. In two separate incidents, the runaway hit Pokemon Go affectionados were caught in unforeseen circumstances.

In a Kick-Ass style story, a group of Pokemon Goers helped the local police nab burglars in Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK on Saturday night. In a bid to catch some Pokemon’s, the group noticed suspicious activity in a builder’s yard. They were smart enough to not think of these miscreants as another Pokemon and notified the police.

Surprisingly, the police took the complaint seriously, and caught the burglars red handed in good time.

The South Yorkshire Police pasted the incident on their Facebook page too. The post ends with a rather tongue in cheek remark: “The group of friends have given their statements and we wish them well on their quest to find more #Pokemon things… yes I have no idea what a Pokemon is but I am sure someone will happily educate me!”

However, this is one of the few happy endings that the game has seen of late. On the same day, two teenagers were shot at in Florida US, as they were busily Pokemon hunting in their car, only to be shot at by a worried guy who thought they were burglars lurking outside his house. While they were unharmed (and possibly too stupid to notice), the police said the event came to light when the parents of one of the teenagers noticed a flat tyre with a bullet in it.

Last week, a two guys were stabbed in California, and two fell off a cliff in San Diego. Is a game this silly worth your life? May be no, but your mom sure will be happy that you managed to visit a temple in your unworthy quest.

So what did you catch today on your Pokemon hunt?

Kamakshi Venugopal