Order Delayed? FoodPanda Will Serve You Free

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Those who order meal online, must have noticed that Swiggy takes around 40 minutes to deliver food to your doorstep. In comparison, the the multinational company FoodPanda’s delivery is quite slow. At least for Mumbai and Hyderabad where I have used both services plenty of times.

To fix this issue, FoodPanda is rolling out express delivery service. The recent launch promises food delivery within 45 minutes. To make sure that you don’t take the Panda lightly, the company will be offering Dominos-esque money back guarantee. That’s right, if the food doesn’t reach you in 45 minutes, it will be free.

There are no extra charges to opt for express delivery. However, the service is not available with all the FoodPanda partner restaurants yet.


Chandrakant 'CK' Isi

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