Now You See Me 2 Is The Worst Movie Of 2016 So Far

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If you think that I’m a so called movie elite who only likes art cinema, then you’re wrong. I enjoy any movie with good story, acting, and decent production quality. I’m open to the world cinema, Hollywood, and Bollywood. My favourite movies are Children of Men, Pan’s Labyrinth, and The Moon. I love Hindi movies such as Swades, Rocket Singh, Chak De India, and A Wednesday. I think, it is fine for a good movie to have a few bad scenes. If the overall package is good, I don’t mind a few slip-ups. So when I entered the movie hall to watch Now You See Me 2, my expectation was to watch something mildly entertaining for two hours. To my utter dismay, the movie turned out to be a 90 million dollar cringe-inducing machine.


The story, script (or the lack of it), “acting”, and failed attempts at humour make you regret your decision. You see the flashbacks of your life, outlining the moment when you decided to watch this movie disaster. Never in my wildest dreams I though that one day I would despise a movie that has great actors such as Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Woody Harrelson. Well, Morgan Freeman is the guy that can salvage a movie with his impressive voice. Unfortunately, Now You See Me 2 is an absolutely lost cause. It would have been difficult to choose the worst actor between Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo. However, Lizzy Caplan makes your job easier with her abysmal acting. Her screen presence is so annoying that I now started respecting Arjun Kapoor, Katrina, and Imran Khan.


What am I doing in this clown festival?

The movie takes the story forward from the first part. It is about a group of magicians equivalent of Robin Hood and friends called The Four Horsemen. These guys expose baddies on stage while keeping authorities at bay. This time around, their target is a tech company that is launching a cheap smartphone with an hidden agenda of stealing data (Basically, every Chinese phone maker). The theatrics go wrong and the horsemen get the taste of their own medicine. It all sounds good up to this point. However, the movie then introduces around 397 twists for the sake of it. These twists fall flat to add thrill to this poorly executed movie. Think of how Sasural Simar Ka delivers unbelievable twists in every episode. Sometimes she becomes a housefly, then cat, snake, and even tree. It is all shocking, but nobody finds it thrilling or exciting right? If you do, then please close this tab. Now you See Me 2 is similar. It is like a train-wreck, followed by another train-wreck, and and even more train-wrecks. The only thing that makes sense with this movie is its director’s name. Jon M Chu lives up to his name.


The first movie was mediocre. Not that I liked it, but it was at least competent film-making. The second part, on the other hand, seems like the work of an amateur director. The movie is so stupid that it will make a dodo frown for two hours. Yet, it is obnoxious enough to believe that it is a smart flick. Now You See Me 2 is sprinkled with cheap humour that challenges your intelligence. The worst part, however, is the fact that movie goers around you relentlessly giggle and applause the art holocaust.


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'Now You See Me 2', but don't.

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