Neill Blomkamp’s Rakka Is A Short-Film You Shouldn’t Miss

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Neill Blomkamp, known for his sleeper-hit District 9 was supposed to direct the Alien sequel. However, with Riddley Scott back in charge of his franchise, Neill seems to have decided to experiment with short films. Once again.

For those not in the know, District 9 was based on his YouTube short Alive In Johannesburg. The video caught the attention of Peter Jackson who funded Blomkamp to turn his short into a feature film. To the surprise of many film experts, District 9 became an instant hit and garnered universal acclaim. It also received nomination for the best film award at the Oscars.

Starting off his career as a VFX artist, Neill Blomkamp movies, unsurprisingly, feature some of the most impressive special effects. He is also known for his gritty visual style with stylized violence. His new short film is no exception and features weird reptile people, huge creepy structures, and overpowered weapons. Without further ado, here’s the short film for your viewing pleasure:

Chandrakant 'CK' Isi

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