Microsoft To Purge Inactive Xbox Gamertags

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If you haven’t used your Xbox Live for a while, now might be the time to Log on for keeping your Gamertag alive. Microsoft is updating its terms and service agreement to automatically remove Xbox Gamertags that haven’t been used for over five years. The new agreement comes into effect on September 15, 2016.

Don’t worry, your Xbox Live will still be safe with all your purchases and friends associated with it.  You will just lose the Gametag associated with that account. The move is to free up some catchy Gamertags for the actual active users.

With the announcement of Project Scorpio, the future of Xbox looks exciting. So if you are planning to use the Xbox services in the future, just log in to your Xbox Live account and your tag will be safe for next five years. Also if your account is compromised, Microsoft may be required to disable access to certain content on the gaming network. For the complete Microsoft Privacy Statement and the summary of changes, head over to this link. On a related note, Microsoft has recently dropped the price of the Xbox One to $250 in the US.


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