Samsung To Push Extra Ads On Premium SmartTVs

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Bought a spanking new Samsung TV that costs almost as much as an entry-level car? Considering the current market situation, there’s a good chance that it is a Samsung product. I bet that it is a SmartTV too. Now there’s nothing wrong with buying a SmartTV and a Samsung product. The Korean company dominates the TV market with 20% share due to its solid product line-up.

What’s wrong and annoying is the fact that Samsung is planning to pester its premium TV buyers with ads. To make things worse, the company has chosen the worst possible place to display adverts. It will squeeze in the banner promotions right into your SmartTV’s Menu. It is said that the company will rollout this “feature” (unwanted) in Europe soon. Those not in the know, such ads are already live in the US.

WSJ reports that Samsung is working with agencies to get more clients (advertisers). I don’t mind ads in free services. For them, it is the only way to keep the services up and running. However, plugging ads after making people shell out plenty of money, sounds ridiculous to me.

Those justifying the Korean electronics giant’s decision are citing low profit margins in the TV sector. This has made Samsung look for other means to make money.

Chandrakant 'CK' Isi

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