KickassTorrents Taken Down, Owner Arrested For Piracy

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The U.S. Government has finally cracked-down on torrent sharing site KickassTorrents. After the closure of ThePirateBay, KAT has been the last stand for digital pirates across the world. KickassTorrents clocks in over 50 million unique monthly visitors and is among the top hundred most visited websites in the world.

According to TorrentFreak, the website owner, a 30-year-old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin (trim) was arrested in Poland. He has been charged with distributing millions of copies of movies, music, and video games valued over $1 billion. The American government is now waiting to extradite him. The US has official requested his extradition and considering the strong ties between these countries, Poland is likely to hand him over.

Last year, an undercover IRS (Internal Revenue Service) showed interest in posting ads on KAT. Artem agreed, and to receive the payments he shared bank account details in Latvia. The email id used in this communication, matched with the website’s Facebook fan page. These details were handed over by the social networking site.

Investigators then started keeping an eye on IP addresses used for accessing this email id. Soon they found out iTunes purchase activity on the same IP address. Once they got access to Artem’s iTunes account, the rest (mostly arrest) was a cakewalk for the authorities. It is ironic how purchasing legal content on iTunes landed one of the biggest pirate behind the bars.

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    Correction: The Pirate Bay is not closed. It’s still up and running at – after all, it IS the most resilient website in the galaxy.