How To: Distract Tech From Distracting Us

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Achieving our goals, no matter how significant, require copious amount of concentration. In a world flooded with distractions, how do we focus? Are the pull of chat pings too hard to resist? Fancy a cat video? What are the celebs tweeting about? Can’t wait to catch up on the latest tech news? What about totally unrelated Q&As? Whoever said that it’s not about the destination, but the journey was definitely clueless about corporate style deadlines, and did not have these many interruptions.

Technology is a healer of sorts; therapeutic to be precise. It thrives on your appetite for consumption. The more you use it, the more it draws you in, and the more you accede. Like everyone else, I too have been through this cycle of satiating my hunger for tech toys ─ buying, boosting, upgrading and/or replacing the existing ones.

Moreover, we all agree that our time spent at work, proportionately reduces the time we spend on other aspects of life. In that case, how can we distract tech from distracting us, and still get things done?

  1. On an average, a typical office worker is distracted, every three minutes and five seconds. It takes about 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to where they left off (details here). There are several solutions to fix this problem. Isolator for Mac gets is a browser add-in that pretty much obscures all distractions on your desktop. Ghoster, Hazeover, Vitamin-R are similar add-ins, which either hide windows or makes them inconspicuous.
  2. Block addictive websites by rummaging through you stored data. LeechBlock, StayFocusd are tools some that let you block websites for a set period of time. Another interesting alternative and that I use is Morphine. It regulates your distraction.
  3. Don’t fret about deadlines; NextDeadline for Mac helps you keep on track, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Deadlines Reminder for Android systems does pretty much the same. Trello does a little bit more and is a complete package in itself.

Momentum for Chrome goes a step ahead and inspires you to stay on track with tasks.

  1. Plan ahead and be ‘future-ready’. aCalendar for Android helps you set alarms, reminders, and notifications and is easy to use. PlannerPro for Android and Mac though is considered to be one of the best planners in the market.

Apart from these, other geeky tools: Focus at Will helps you increase your attention span. If you haven’t had enough of analyzing business data, RescueTime gives you a breakup of how productive you’ve been.

Personally though, I wish they made an app to keep my thoughts in place.

Bhima Simha

Bhima Simha is a story weaver, jargon buster and helpful co-worker. In his free time, he doles out marketing content for biggie corporate firm.