Israel Defense Forces Are planning To Deploy HoloLens On The Battlefield

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Microsoft has been generating a lot of buzz with its cutting edge wearable computer dubbed HoloLens. The headset powered by Windows 10 can fuse the virtual objects in the real world around you. The mixed reality headset has already opened up interesting possibilities in 3D modelling and gaming alike. For Microsoft’s sci-fi toy, the next stop seems to be the battlefield.

The Israeli army has joined forces with Microsoft to implement the HoloLens in the battles. The Israeli army’s technology division has created a software that allows commanders to oversee troop positions from vantage points held by the enemy. Not only during offensives, but the HoloLens is also expected to help medics perform a complicated surgery on wounded soldiers. According to SputnikNews, HoloLens may be fit for active duty in coming months.

With a defense budget of over $18.6 billion, Israel shouldn’t have a problem deploying HoloLens, which in its current state costs around $3000.


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