The Grand Tour Is Ready To Race Against Top Gear

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After the fallout with BBC, motoring show Top Gear’s hosts Clarkson, Hammond, and May joined forces with Amazon. The trio signed up for the web series, which would release on the Amazon Prime streaming service. Now after months of brainstorming, the team has finalised the show’s name — The Grand Tour.

I know, it does not sound fancy. However, the fact that they will be taking their new Amazon Prime Show around the world, justifies its name. Not only will the guys travel to different locations, but for the first time ever the studio audience recordings will travel every week, all housed within a giant tent. This sounds similar to the Top Gear hangar. Amazon customers will have the chance to be in the audience when tickets are released through prize draws this summer.

With a budget of over 160 million pounds (approx $231 million), the Grand Tour will be one of the most expensive series ever produced. Considering that it will have three seasons with 12 episodes each, the creators will get around 4.5 million pounds ($6.5 million) to splurge on every single episode. That’s more than double the money allotted by the British Broadcasting Service.

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