Forever Alone? Gionee Has You Covered

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No friends? Forget receiving calls, people don’t given answer your calls? In simple worlds, are you ‘forever alone’? If your answer is yes, Gionee phones including the S6 can be your best buddy.

Since nobody calls you, you can make the handset call you in a few seconds. What’s more, the machine even requests you to “call back as soon as possible”. To get yourself such attention, all you need to do is swipe up on the homescreen to bring up the quick settings panel. Click on the ‘Fake Call’ option found in the bottom of the screen. Within 15 seconds you will receive a fake call.


Jokes apart, the feature can actually be useful to excuse yourself from some unpleasant company. Hat tip to Rahul, for help regarding the screenshots.

Chandrakant 'CK' Isi

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