Facebook Apes YouTube’s Offline Video Feature

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Lately, Facebook has been aggressively promoting the video posts and thus polluting my news feed with some insane auto-playing videos. Not only do I have to put up with the repulsive content, but it also eats up “my precious” mobile data.

In the latest update, Facebook is now allowing its users to view the saved video offline via the mobile app. This feature of saving the video file is only live in certain beta builds. With this move, Facebook is getting in to direct competition with Google’s YouTube. Thankfully for publishers, Facebook is giving an option to disable download of their content, thus protecting the copyrighted content. During the pilot, only original videos posted on personal Facebook profiles and pages will get the offline video download option.

The offline feature will be favourable to both, the users and Facebook. This feature will be especially popular in developing markets such as India where mobile internet services are either still expensive or simply not reliable in most parts of the country.

Kalyani Bansode

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    Yes, the “autoplay” feature is very annoying. You can turn it off though, via the app’s settings as well as in browsers through your profile’s settings page.


    Oh, and thumbs up for allowing anonymous comments without a mandatory login. Good to know there are still some people who support the original idea of the internet – namely, anonymous interactions.

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    Hello there Badjag. Thanks for the tip.