Contra: Coming To A Smartphone Near You

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Released in 1987, Contra is one of the finest run and gun games ever made. It remains one of the most popular game developed by Konami. Needless to say it spawned a franchise with titles available on arcade machines, PCs, and even consoles. Keeping up with the latest trend, Konami is prepping to launch Contra on smartphones with refreshed visuals.

The game will as usual feature the steroid-induced Lance Bean and Bill Razer blasting through thousands of soldiers, turrets, and supersized monsters with with glowing weak spots. While the graphics have been updates, the core gameplay remains the same. Contra will be as frenetic and tough as it used to be. In addition to battling the hordes of AI controlled forces, the upcoming game will also offer the two player versus mode.

The game will first launch on Android and iOS in China, soon followed by the US. It seems that the title will be free to download. However, will feature annoying in-app-purchases. Lets hope, it will not hinder the gameplay.

Chandrakant 'CK' Isi

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