Namotel ‘Ache Din’ Is A Rs 99 Smartphone (Scam)

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India seems to the breeding ground for brands promising absurdly cheap smartphones. First the Freedom 251, then Docoss X1, and now we have the NamoTel smartphone dubbed as Achhe Din. If you thought Freedom 256’s pricing was ridiculous, the Achhe Din is pegged at Rs 99! If you have any doubts about its authenticity, let me tell you that a scratch-guard normally costs around Rs 120.

NamoTel Ache Din

Don’t ask me why she looks sad with ‘Ache Din’.

To attract spotlight, the company has not only attached Namo (Narendra Modi) to its name, but also christened its phone as “Ache Din”. I’m sure the company must have not bothered to take permission from our Prime Minister. He wouldn’t want to discuss anything related to “Ache Din” anyway.

The official website has the obligatory “Make In India” logo. Ironically, the interactive page shows Chinese workers assembling some random device. To order a NamoTel Ache Din, you need to have an Aadhar card.

Although the phone is like a mirage, the website claims that it sports a 4-inch display, 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, and 1 GB RAM. The “company” is a Bengaluru based startup with (imaginary) offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chennai.

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