After World War, Cold War, And Gulf War, Call Of Duty Goes To Space

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Activision has announced a new installment of its cash-cow, Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare. After covering, world war, cold war, gulf war, and futuristic advanced war on Earth, the franchise will take off to the space. As far the story excuse goes, Earth is unified as the United Nations Space Alliance to colonise the solar system for resources. Some rogue soldier group from these settlements attack the UNSA. Sounds a lot like Halo without aliens.


Starting off as a standard boots-on-the-ground COD title, the game puts you in the command of a UNSA warship to fight the insurgents across our solar. Going by the trailer, the set-pieces including Star Wars esque spacecraft fights and zero-g infantry combat look stunning. Infinity Ward claims to have spent almost three years on the development, and as far as the polish is concerned, you bet it did.

Call Of Duty: Infinity Warfare

Throughout the campaign, there will be central hub for players between missions and as they travel to various destinations. The environment can be explored and will evolve as the events of the story unfold. From the Retribution, players can launch story missions or raids on enemy ships. Being a fan of COD’s linear approach, I find this addition unnecessary.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches on November 4, 2016 around the world for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will feature the zombie mode too. Details of which, will be out in coming months. The new title will ship with a free copy of the remastered Modern Warfare.

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